About me

I’m Lexi Lightspeed. I skate for the London Rollergirls (LRG) and Team England. I first strapped on my skates back on 4th March 2010 and have never looked back.

I first heard of roller derby in early 2010. I was in my final year of university, up in Middlesbrough. My neighbour had started skating for our local league. She mentioned it to me one day, I remember being confused by what it actually was, but I didn’t pay much attention and I passed onto the next thought not to think about it again. About a month later, I was on my way home from a day trip to Alton Towers, and was chatting through the power of texts, when she mentioned it again. This time I was more intrigued and I asked her to break it down and explain what it actually was. I started to get excited. My exact thought went something along the lines of “Roller Skating?! I loved roller skating as a child, and now it’s a sport? That sounds like something I could be pretty good at, I think!”

Apparently i could skate on grass as a child.

I have always played sport; I studied it at college and began to pursue a career in coaching, before something went very wrong and I was set on a completely different path –  design and illustration. At school I did every single sport I could fit into my lunch times and evenings, as well as being on the County hockey squad and eventually playing for and captaining the hockey team at my university (field hockey).

Dressing up to play was a part of uni hockey too (on tour anyway)

I started skating with Middlesbrough Milk Rollers (MMR). Back in those days, fresh meat just turned up at session and was taught how to fall. Once you started to get the hang of it you were thrown into the drills with everyone else! I remember feeling like bambi on ice and my full concentration was on trying to stay up right as well as keeping up with a pack!

After a few months with MMR, uni ended and I moved closer to home. I skated for the Imposters in Lincoln for a few months. I made a great friend on the team, Charisse (Cecee). She was driven about sports like me, and had the same humour and interests. We were both after more in our lives and looked to a bigger city with more career prospects. We ended up skating for the Leeds Roller Dolls (LRD). For the first 6 months we drove from Lincoln to Leeds and back twice a week, getting home past midnight after most training sessions. We were dedicated and determined. After 6 month Charisse managed to find a place. A couple months after that I got a work placement and moved in with Devil Rae (LRD skater). LRD opened my world up and inspired me to be the best I could be. They were an amazing supportive league! I made some of the best friends you could hope for.

After 2 great seasons my non derby life caught up. My final bout with LRD was at track queens in Berlin. A lot changed in my 2 years in Leeds. I met someone who completely changed my life and we moved south to have the best shot at our careers and a happy life together (he’s awesome and skates now too!). It just so happens south is also where LRG are based! We found our feet pretty quickly after spending a few months in Kent and skating with Kent Roller Girls (thanks KRG for having me). In March 2013 I began both my new job and with my new league within a week of each other!

One year on and I am privileged enough to skate for London Brawling. I skated in the 2013 Division 1 playoffs at Fort Wayne, and then Championships in Milwaukee (first international team to ever make champs). I am also on the Team England squad and recently skated in Nantes! I have learned so much from my amazing team mates and have made so many amazing friends. I am excited to see where we are heading as a team because we are constantly on an upward climb to the top.